Independent / Private Models

Independent / Private Models

As a private individual or as an organisation, property can be a true source of pride as well as revenue, and showing this off, especially if you are based all over the world can be tricky, particularly when you want to stand apart from the crowd and not have a simple list of locations.

Allowing a client to, at their leisure, explore the extent of your portfolio rather than being driven around can often be more appealing, especially if it is raining.

Models can be especially useful when dealing with large areas of premium space, such as at road shows or outdoor events. Allowing for clients to visualise themselves and their competition within a space, particularly when it comes to advertising or pop up shops and displays. In the case of road shows and annual our door event we would be able to provide an updating service to ensure that your model remains accurate year on year.

Alternatively having a model, whether realistic or more artistic of a self build as part of a private collection can also be really rewarding.

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